Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I determine what my style preferences are? Usually I know if I like something when I see it.

The best way to determine what your style preferences are is to start looking at pictures of rooms. Gather interior design magazines and tag the pictures of rooms that inspire you like and inspire you. Eventually you will start seeing trends and patterns of things that inspire you. The same can be done through Pinterest and Houzz. line

2. I’m not sure what my budget is and It’s been over a decade since I’ve shopped for my home, how do I figure out how to budget for my project?

There are several ways to budget for a project. Identify what is important to you, style, durability, or cost. That will help you prioritize how much you want to spend. One option is to set a figure that you’re willing to spend and work within that number. The second option is to start browsing and researching furnishings if you know what quality level you are looking for (good, better, best) so you will be able to get an idea on how much things cost and you can prepare a realistic budget. Being open and honest with your interior designer about your budget is crucial to the success of your project. Interior Designers have a many resources at various price points and can help you maximize your budget while getting a great result on your project. line

3. Can I complete some of the project myself? I like DIY projects and shopping.

If you are handy, have time, and an aptitude for DIY projects it is possible for you to complete some of the project yourself. If you enjoy shopping, you can also all of the shopping on your own for furnishings that are not exclusive to the trade. line

4. How much does using an interior designer cost? How do you charge?

The cost of interior design ranges depending on the scope of the project. Moonlight Interiors charges a flat fee for most projects and works on an hourly basis for clients who have small projects or just need a little interior design advice. line

5. How long will my project take?

The length of the project varies depending on project scope. A simple project with no construction work typically takes 30-60 days. The majority of the time is waiting for furnishings to arrive. A more complex project with major construction work can take up to 90-120 days. Moonlight interiors also works with clients on a consulting basis, so the project is significantly shorter 4 weeks. line

6. Will you help me find contractors?

Moonlight Interiors has a network of trusted contractors that we can recommend to help complete your project. line

7. Can I purchase my own furniture?

You can purchase your own furnishings that are not exclusive to the trade. line

8. How will I know that you understand my style preferences? I want my home to reflect my personal taste?

Moonlight Interiors prides themselves on being diverse in their designs. Every project reflects the client’s personal style preferences. One hallmark of a good designer is one who is not limited to one style. Moonlight interiors relies on its expertise and interior design knowledge of all design styles to formulate a concept that is unique to you. We do this by asking the right questions and conducting detailed programming and research for your special project. line

9. I have a lot of idea books on Houzz and Pinterest Boards. Can I share those with you?

We encourage clients to share their idea boards because it helps the design team see what inspires your interior design preferences. line

10. I need my project completed for a special event. Do you work with tight deadlines?

We work within tight deadlines and help you formulate a plan to realistically complete your project in the allotted time frame. line

11. I’ve already hired a general contractor, can you collaborate with them?

We often start working with clients after they’re hired a general contractor. We collaborate and communicate with your contractor as needed to ensure that your interior design needs and wishes are met throughout the progress of your project.