Current Interior Design Projects

Mount Airy Baptist Church

This historic church was in dire need of updating their facilities; the last renovation was in the 1970’s. The congregation wanted to bring the church’s décor into the 21st being respectful of the church’s historic architectural features. To accomplish this Moonlight interior updated the church’s restrooms corridor and sanctuary with soothing earth tones and natural finishes.

The Science of Spirituality Center

This meditation center in NW DC had acquired a building that had décor blaring from the 80’s. The interior design goal was to create a space that reflected the center’s soothing and peaceful brand while maintaining functionally. Creating a reception room that reflected the mediation center’s brand and made a visual impact was the key element in this project. The center often hosts family friendly gatherings for 20-50 people so the finishes needed to be durable as well as beautiful.